There’s a lot of work to do, so our volunteers are our most prized asset. Whether you are a student, working adult or retiree; educator, professional, clergy, business owner, or South Sudanese living in the United States, we would love to have you join us. As a volunteer, you can work on a PESS committee, help plan an event, write for our newsletter, or assist with PR/Media. Here are some ideas.

Raise Funds to Support Girls’ Education and Leadership in South Sudan

Have a garage sale, sewing party, film screening, or 5K—the possibilities are endless, so use your imagination! We will support you so get in touch and we can make a plan.


We need help getting the word out. Assist us to develop our outreach, write for our newsletter and create buzz about our events.


Event planning and assistance is always needed.


Writing skills are needed to write grants and advocate for our programs.

Host Ngor at Your School

Board members are also school speakers. If you would like a PESS Board member to talk with your students about life in South Sudan and as a refugee, please consider offering an honorarium or combining the visit with a PESS fundraising opportunity so that we can support more girls in school in South Sudan.

Connect on Social Media

Use your social networks to advocate for children’s education in South Sudan. “Like” our page on Facebook and share our latest update or your favorite PESS photo on your own timeline.

Apply for an Internship

We offer internships to help develop programs, fundraise and manage our organization. These internships may be eligible for college credit. Your development as a leader is also important to us.

Receive Our Newsletter

You can also stay up to date by signing up for our email communications.

Most importantly – Donate

As a 501 (c)(3) organization, our work gets done because of support from people like you. Your donation of $5, $10, $50 or $1000 makes a difference as we educate the next generation of leaders in South Sudan. Please give today! Your contribution is tax deductible.